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Migration into EU

Na šoli smo v šolskem letu 2010/11 ponudbo interesnih dejavnosti popestrili z mednarodnim sodelovanjem. V okviru programov Vseživljenjskega učenja smo bili uspešni pri prijavi dvostranskega projekta z naslovom MIGRATIONS INTO EUROPE.

V aprilu tega šolskega leta nas je tako obiskalo 14 dijakov in njihovih učiteljev iz šole Instituto Nicolo Palmeri iz mesta Termini Imerese na Siciliji. Obisk smo jim vrnili naslednje šolsko leto. Namen projekta je bilo delo ob izbrani temi, obenem pa na drugačen način spoznavati življenje in delo vrstnikov iz Evropske unije, utrjevati znanje iz različnih predmetnih področij, predvsem znanja angleškega jezika.

*Besedilo v nadaljevanju ni lektorirano zavoljo pristnosti izraženih misli.

Vtisi – Impressions

First when I reported for this project I was very happy but I didn’t know what to expect from this project. A few weeks before Sicilians came to Slovenia there were these moments when I thought that I was crazy to be in this project because in my house will live totally stranger. Well finally Sicilian girls arrived. The first moment when I saw them it was a little scary because from that moment this all was really happening. From the start it was all a bit withheld because me and Elisabetta didn’t know each other and she also didn’t know my family. From the start we didn’t talk too much. Well I talked and she only answered me. Because of that I had concerns about this project and I couldn’t wait that these 10 days pass. I was very happy when me and my friends were together so that she also could talked with her schoolmates because my ideas of what we could do were running out and also she didn’t talk to much. But this I could say crisis came to end after 3 days – after that all was better. She became more revealing and we could talk more and the atmosphere was more relaxed.

And what I can say about all project. After all these days I was very tired and so was she. But if you want to do something good you have to work hard and after hard work you are always tired. But this project was for me one unforgettable and unique experience.

Klavdija Ozimič


Before arriving here I thought that this trip would be very interesting, now I know that it is so and I also think that it is very amusing. I met a lot of nice teenagers and I visited a lot of monuments and places that I didn’t know.. The girl where I have lived in these days is very similar to me so I have spent a great week. Her family has been very kind and hospitable with me. When I arrived here air company lost my luggage. But I didn’t had any problems, in fact my new family has helped me in everything.

Elisabetta Spinuzza


The student exchange project is a once in a life time opportunity. Its something that everyone should try. It all began on a Saturday evening. That day I was very nervous. They came in a bus and the first thing they did when they saw us was that they gave us a hug. With this little gesture they have shown us that they are very open people. Emilia, my exchange student, has lost her luggage on the airport, so she did not have any clothes. That was a good opportunity to show her how good hosts we are. At home everything went normal, but first there was some nervousness in the air. Finally when we came over the nervous part, everything went great. My family immediately accepted Emilia and they understood each other very well. Before the project began I thought that this will be a little tiring, but now I see that I was very wrong! If you don’t count the lack of sleep the whole project is very exciting. During the time here I learned that Italian people are very good people, I also learned some Italian words and ate some homemade traditional pasta that Emilia cooked. It was very good. The ten days they spend here go so fast and in this short amount of time I have experienced many moments that I will remember for life.

Rok Gumzej


Living in Slovenian families has made this experience unique! I didn’t believe everything would be so fantastic! I like this country very much: there are wonderful views and so beautiful cities and people are very sociable. Now I feel almost at home in Rok’s house even if I miss my Sicily! I’m looking forward us to come to Sicily; I want to give them the same good treatment and let them feel at home.

Emilia Scaduto


My travel to Slovenia is »VRHUNSKO«. I LOVE Slovenian people because they are very nice and funny.

Claudia Scaduto


When we first found out about the Comenius project, we were determined to join, so we begged our professor Marjan to include us, even though we were older than our Italian friends. We thought it would be a wonderful experience, and it actually was.

The preparations started a month before the arrival of Sicilian girls. We had several meetings, where we asked a lot of questions about the exchange, because we had no idea what to expect. We had much to do at home, as well. We had to clean and wash, tidy up, disinfect – everything for our guest. We contacted each other via emails, so we had a general idea of who we are getting. But still, the first day of project was stressful for all of us. Both, Slovenians and Italians, were a bit shy at first moment, but later in the pub Dolce Vita we all loosened up. The Italians loved Laško at the first sip and wanted more. We played the game called ‘spin the bottle’, where all the Italian girls wanted to kiss Leon. We soon found out that Italians do everything slowly – eating, walking, dressing up, except of talking. Each of us needed a lot of patience in the morning, because they don’t understand the words ‘let’s go!’. We were shocked to see that almost all of them smoke. They, however, were very happy to see that price of the cigarettes here is surprisingly lower than in Sicily – almost half of it.

The trips we had all week long were amusing but exhausting. We had almost no free time at home, but we had a chance of knowing ourselves on the bus. There was a sort of competition in singing and we found out that Italians sing loudly and have faster songs than we do. Our songs are more depressive and sad, so they definitely won. Learning Italian words was interesting, but besides ‘buongiorno’ and ‘mangiare’ they only teached us how to curse in Italian. Of course we had to teach them back.

Altough the communication was hard because of the lack of expressioning in English from the Italian side (thank God for dictionaries!) we managed to understand ourselves somehow and practice English. We became true friends with our Italians and we will definitely miss them. But we are looking forward to going to Sicily next school year to finish the project and meet them again. GRAZIE PER TUTTO, BRIGIDA AND ROSANGELA!

Ina Ülen and Kristina Štefanič

At the beginning of this experience everything was a big question mark…I wanted to try because I have never been out of Italy, I didn’t know people of different nationality and I wanted to improve my English. But this experience is better than I thought because the people I met are really wonderful. It was nice to find the word dobrodošla on the door of my bedroom. Immediately I felt at home. Ina’s family is nice and very warm and even if I can’t speak English very well we understand each other. I learned some Slovenian words and Ina has learned Italian ones. It is an unforgettable experience I will never forget it. So I know I’m going to come back home but I can’t believe it. I would stay more. I’m looking forward to meet Ina in Sicily because the project goes on!

Rosangela Tuso

What do I think of the project??? It is impossible to say it in a few words. It has been a fantastic experience since the first day. My sensations were different: How could I live in a family I didn’t meet first ? How could I stay for ten days far from home . I just knew Kristina thanks to our correspondence. But it Was as a Miracle to me . It has been so easy I felt immediately at home . Kristina is so kind to me and even her family; not to speak about the teachers involved in the project. A great occasion to grow up to meet a different culture, to see beautiful places. Slovenia is fascinating. I’m happy to do this experience. It was very interesting to work on immigration too.

Brigida Ribaudo

Before the project started I felt very nervous and I hardly waited the arrival of Sicilian students. Every day I was thinking about this days and what things we are going to do and the most important question for me was:«Will she like me?«. So I was very exited about the 18th of April because this was the day of arriving. We were waiting at the school for a hour and then the bus came… I just look to the faces and look after my roommate. And I saw her… I was very exited this moment. After that we went home and we made us ready for a little welcome party in Slov. Bistrica. It was very funny. We became good friends and had a really good time together. When we talk it was very funny because we were talking with our hands and we speak in a language it was a mixture of English and Italian. At the beginning it was very difficult because I don’t know how to have a conversation. We were laughing and made funny stuff. I learned some Italian words and had a great time. It is a great experience and it can’t be better. It was a great time and I don’t regret anything.

Kristina Smogavec

We have been here for eight days and I am sad when I think that I will go back home very soon. I had the opportunity to know a culture different from mine. Here everything is fantastic I could not find a better word express my feeling, here is full of green places and very nice people. Slovenian families are worm and they always take care of us with great attentions.

Tanja Špes

I think this project is a great opportunity to learn many things, make many friendships and also have a fun. Before Italian friends came here, I didn’t know what to expect but now I know that I had great time and it was nice experience. In this project I remember the most: laughing, loud singing on the bus, many many photos, Italian fast speaking and slow walking, dancing and other crazy or less crazy things that we do. Every rainbow, every star and every pig will remind me on those ten days that I spend together with Chiara because she likes these thingsJ. I admit, sometimes it was very hard to get up and be in a good mood, because we were very tired. Just imagine: wake up in six o’clock and then activities at school which finished at five o’clock or long trips which finished at eight o’clock. But OK it was worth because I amused myself trough all this time that we spend together. I am happy that Chiara was here, that all Italian friends were here and I know that I’ll miss them a lot.

Adele Patti

I didn’t know exactly what I was expecting from this experience. It was an unknow world, I have never hade such an experience, but now that I’m here I’m happy. Of course I’m a little homesick, but here I have known wanderfull people, and Tanja is one of them, she is helping me to stay well. Time runs fast and I know we are just preparing everything to go back home. What a pity!!! I feel so well, people are so sicilian, warm, nice, lively… That I don’t want to go home. And what about the place: Slovenska Bistrica, Ljubljana, Maribor are wanderfull towns… The weather, a part from rain, it is sunny and helps us in this experience. I will never forget.

Maria Chiara Lo Bianco

Days were passing by and I couldn’t wait for that special day. The day that friends from Sicily will visit us. I was very excited. But when the day of their visit finally came, I became really nervous. All sorts of questions were going through my head. What does she like? Will we understand each other and with each other? What if she wouldn’t like me?I was really scared but I just said to my self, now it is what it is. There is no way out. There are all sort of challenges that we accept in life. So I thought, something new is good.

When the bus arrived I felt some sort of cramp in my stomach. It happened so fast. I a moment I saw girls screaming and waving. I started to wave myself and searching for that right person. Suddenly there she was. I was pleased to see the face that I was talking to for a couple weeks over the mails. Then things just went with the flow.

If I’m honest at the first I didn’t know if I’ll make it through these ten days. But when a new day came I found out that it couldn’t get any better. We talked and I learned a lot about Italia and my English got better. We had fun, sometimes so much that our stomach hurt from all the laughing. We saw some things for which we didn’t know they exist in Slovenia. Now I’m very happy that I made that decision to join this project. I’ve known a lot of new people. New friends. And I can’t wait for our next meeting on Sicily.

Živa Stopar

Before leaving Italy I was a bit scared about this travel because I’d never been abroad without my family and because I would stay in a house where live people I didn’t know. Since the first day passed here I’ve been calmer because I’ve found people like me that were very hospitable. I’ve had a lot of fun here, and it has been very interesting to learn some words in Slovene and know other habits. It has been beautiful also to see different landscapes than ours. Mainly I can say that this experience is very useful and overall interesting and amusing

Maria Chiara Ipploito

Before the students came I was a little nervous. I didn’t know how we will make a conversation. On Saturday, the day of arrival was unforgettable. All the time when I was waiting for my student I talked stupid things. My friend laughs all the time. And at seven o’clock they arrive. I was so happy that we understand each other. I sleep a lot but now it wasn’t so. Every day we must weak up at six a o’clock because we were going on trip. We go to Ljubljana, Postojna, Maribor… I was exciting. We have learned many new things about migrations. On the bus we have learned Italian words. I had to repeat every word four times so that I could say it right.

Klavdija Fridrih

Trieste airport…we are going to arrive and the idea to discover a new country, new people make me excited…my mind is traveling fast! But everything is more and more exciting than I expected…what wonderful people, what wonderful cities! I feel at home…Klavdija, my Slovenian girl is very sweet with me and I am sure that I will miss her a lot once in Sicily! Everybody is nice and warm! I have the impression that I’m dreaming! I don’t understand why it is so difficult to live in peace in a world where everybody respects everybody! It isn’t so difficult…we must work to reach it! Now project comes to an end and I’m sad but it will be also nice to meet my family because I miss them too.

Illenia Giallombardo

The day was getting closer and I just couldn’t wait for it to come. This day finally came and our friends from Sicily arrived. I was very excited and happy.  The bus arrived and I became very nervous and scared. We all were wondering if we recognize our friend’s when they will come out of the bus. There was no problem. That was the moment we first time met. Everything was fine, but she don’t know how to speak English. In the beginning that was the problem but now everything is perfect and I am not feeling sorry for joining this project. I am really happy to meet new people, who became our friend’s.

Nina Soršak

It is the first time I am abroad without my family for such long period. TEN DAYS WITH GREAT SLOVENIAN PEOPLE. They have a lot in common with us. They are more Sicilian than us: warm, heartfull and lively. They love enjoying life but at the same time they work hard. First I was a little worried but Nina’ s family helped me to feel at home. Now we love each other and I think I will miss them. This project has helped me to understand myself better and I can say I am completely satisfied.

Valeria Dolce

The day before students from Sicilia came I was really nervous. The biggest problem for me was cleaning my room. On Saturday students from Sicilia arrived and I was very fascinated. Bus arrived in front of the school around 7 o’clock. When they stepped from bus I was trying to find Annabella. She is the student that lives with me. I don’t know how to describe the filling that I got when I first saw her. It was the most wonderful filling. I saw a person with which I was talking only trough computer and now I have possibility to do all that crazy things with her.

After she arrived we went into a store where she bought her first clothing in Slovenia. On Sunday we went bowling with a few friends which are a part of project. On Monday I spend only afternoon with Annabella and we talked a lot. We went to Ljubljana on Thuesday. In the evening we were very tired so we went straight to bed. On Wednesday we stayed in school. We went to Postojna on Thusday where we visited center for refugees. Than we went to Bled. On Friday they went in Maribor. Now it’s Sunday and Annabella lives with me already one week. She is a great person. I like her very much. She is a sister that I never had.

Every night before we fall asleep she tells me what did she do through the day. Once she told me thank you for this day in I became emotional. On Monday they are returning home. I will keep writing to her and stay in touch.

Ana Šega

During the travel I was a little scared because I didn’t know how it would be but it was nice and even easier than I expected . Once in front of the school Ana was waiting for me and it was immediately love.What I mean is that it was as if we have known each other for long.

Ana’s parents are like my parents and I feel at easy with them.

What have I done that I must return back home?

The projets help me to know differtent people who have different language to speak another language to be understood and to grow. Group’s people are very nice. I miss them already much and I can’t wait that they will come in Sicily,to spent another time together. I had laughed a lot especially when we learned something about ours language. I don’t want forget anything I won’t forget! I’m very happy!

Annabella Di Stefano

14 girls from Sicily. 11 girls and 3 guys from Slovenia. 10 days. Fun, work, and learn about each other. Exchange students. Maybe was the idea that I am part of this project totally missed. Well, was it?

I like knowing new people, but I was a little on the edge when the bus with our guests arrived. We welcomed the girls (even hug and kiss) and I feel okay, because we started talking. After an initial tense atmosphere, in the next days we all become more relaxed – we talk more, joking, sharing impressions, and simply have a great time with our guests.

I like my schoolmates, our trips, Sicilian girls and Sicilia.

Leon Zamuda

Before my departure I was afraid, because I did not know the places and the people I would meet, but now I think it is the most exciting experience I have ever had. Lively people friendly families. Everything is perfect, the only problem is that I have to go back home and leave them. This project gave me a big chance not only to make friends but above all to open my eyes on the world around me. What is different may only help us to grow better.

I think that I will miss these places and the people. Here there is a really beautiful harmony to be together and to be friends!

Giusy Cira



When I got her e-mail I was so happy because I could finally talk to her. She didn’t answer me for a long time and I thought that she is ignoring me. I was desperate. And then one day she finally wrote me back. We got along just well. Few days before they arrived, my mum was so nervous and she was cleaning the house all the time. But I wasn’t so nervous. I was like: Oh… Tomorrow is coming my friend which I haven’t seen for a long time. But when we were waiting for them, it started to increase. And when the bus came, we were just standing and looking at each other. But somebody has to make a first step. I was kind of shy in the beginning but then I saw that everybody is hugging and laughing so I started to hug everybody too. Driving home was very funny. We were so trying to talk in English and it was terrible. First day was quieter because she was tired and I didn’t know what to do. But the other day was better because we went to Klavdija and Ilenia and we were playing games and walking around. Everything was more relaxed. And then every day was better. I got used to her and I felt like she is with me for a long time. I think that she have a good time because I’m really trying to be the best host. I’m very happy because she likes the country because everything is so green. I hope that those last days that we have will be the best because I want her to keep beautiful memoirs. I think that experiences like that are good because you can meet new people, see new things… And than you can have beautiful memoirs. We just have to try new thing and utilize every opportunity that comes in our life.

Barbara Mernik

It was an experience that I won’t forget so easily. It was a lot of time that I wanted to know my Slovenian friends and now I have almost to come back home. I spent these days very happily even if uses of this country are very different than ours I immediately succeeded in adapting. Living in an other house, with people I had never seen, honestly I was a bit afraid of it; but I feel at home in Barbara house and her family was so welcoming. I can tell to have 14 new friends now; I enjoyed with them but we worked also at the project “ Migrations in Europe”. Immigration is a common problem both in Italy and Slovenia and we succeeded in knowing its different aspects.

Now among Play, songs and jokes I have to start to say “adijo” to everyone; I’m looking forward us to come to Sicily to know our land and our people.

Francesca Cesare

Exchange of students… I wanted to be a part of a project like this even before I came to high school. When in the third grade teacher finally mentioned that in our school will take place the exchange of Slovenian and Italian, I immediately reported.

The project is called Comenius and is all about Migrations into Europe.

Students came at 18th April, prior to that date, all Slovenian hosts held an active cleaning and tidying up. We were happily excited of their arrival but at the thought that an unknown person will live in our home, we were slightly nervous.

The nervousness was unnecessary because when the Italian (Sicilian) girls came they fraternally kissed and hugged us. And so it started the great week full with fun, even if a bit laborious.

Hana Nekrep

Before leaving I was a bit scared ’cause I could think that coming here would not be as at home. But now I have a different opinion… Now I think that it is the best thing that ever happened to me! Because this travel till this moment has been great!

I understood that it would be fantastic when I saw the girl that would have hosted me: so nice, so kind and happy that I was there =)

All her family was ready to do everything I needed, and I felt the warmth that was around the house, and I feel it now, too. Another thing that hit me was that since the first evening spent here (we arrived about 18:30) all boys and girls of the project Comenius have received us in a great way: they brought us in a bar, and offered everybody something to drink, and then everyone speak with another one. And finally we were all so happy to be there!

Alessia Amormino

Izvedba tega projekta je bila financirana s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina publikacij in besedil (komunikacije) je izključno odgovornost avtorja in v nobenem primeru ne predstavlja stališč Evropske komisije.